Server Rules

This section contains all rules applicable to members of our discord server and Hotel Lewd community as a whole. Each one of our members is required to comply with those rules at all time. Rules can change without any the rules are subject to change at any time without any warning.

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Discord Terms of Service and laws of the state of California apply at all times

By using Discord, you agree to comply with the terms of use contained in Discord Terms of Service. Those terms impose California state laws, which means you must obey California law whenever you use Discord, regardless of your actual location, even from within another country.

Depending on the violation, you might be warned, kicked, banned or even reported to Discord Trust & Safety team, which might result in your Discord account being banned from the servers as a whole.

You must be over the age of 18 to be part of our community

Since our community is largely focused on erotic themes and content, we do not allow minors on our server under any circumstances. Moreover, in order to comply with California state laws and Discord Terms Of Service, we define minors as anyone below 18 years old regardless of the age of consent defined by your local laws. Whenever your local age of consent is either higher or lower than 18 years old, our server requires you to be over 18 years old regardless.

In most cases, anyone who turns out to be under 18 years old will be immediately kicked from our community, so they can return once they turn 18. If such person comes back to our server despite still being underage we will proceed to ban such person immediately. People banned for breaking this rule will stay banned even if they turned 18.

You are not allowed to joke about being under 13 years old

Apart from being a tasteless overused joke, saying that you're under 13 years old is direct violation of Discord Terms of Service and can cause your account to be permanently terminated as it is required by California state laws. Discord is not legally allowed to let people under 13 years old use their service, therefore they will instantly delete your account after being informed about your message.

While we won't bother reporting such an insignificant violation directly to Discord, you might end up being warned by our staff and banned if you keep joking about it despite previous warnings. Moreover, our staff members might request your immediate verification and ban you from our community if you fail to prove that you're over 18 years old.

You are not allowed to engage in any advertising activity

We do not allow for any form of advertising on our server regardless of the subject of the ad. This includes both on-server advertisements and sending advertisements directly to our community members regardless of their roles. It's worth mentioning that this kind of behaviour is also against Discord Terms Of Service and can result in permanent account termination.

In vast majority of cases breaking this rule will result in an instant ban from our community. In rare cases of ads recurring from multiple accounts we will also report this situation to Discord Trust & Safety team so that they would solve this problem permanently.

You are required to use English while talking in public channels

English is the only official language on our server and therefore it is the only language that should be used in everyday conversations. While it's acceptable to exchange just a few words or sentences in foreign language, you must make sure that your conversation does not stop other members from joining the conversation as well. If you want to have a conversation in a language other than English you should either use one of our regional channels or move the conversation into private messages.

We understand that in most cases this rule will be broken by people who just talked to each other and lost their sense of the moment. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, breaking this rule will result in just a warning. However, you can get suspended or even banned in case of frequent violation of this rule or breaking it on purpose to annoy or block other members from participation.

You can't participate in any raiding activity

Any person who is found guilty of raiding discord servers, either ours or any other server, will be instantly banned from our community. This includes people who never raided any server but are planning to do so.

Anyone found guilty of raiding discord servers will be instantly banned from our community. If the raid concerns another server, we will try to contact their staff members and warn them in advance. In the case of raids to our own server aside from intant ban we will also contact Discord Trust & Safety team to block all accounts associated with the raid.

You can't denigrate nor spread rumors about our server

Any attempt to slander our server, spread negative rumors about it or pretend to advertise our server by doing so in a way that puts it in a bad light, will result in getting banned from our community. Always remember that there is a line between criticism and denigrating. You are free to express your personal opinions and doubts about our server but you must do so in a way that doesn't involve insults and unconfirmed rumors.

In most cases breaking this rule will result in either ban or long-term suspension, depending on the situation and the damage caused to the server image.

You can't create nor utilize any content involving underage characters

You may not create, share nor utilize sexually explicit content of underage individuals in any shape or form. This rule applies to both real life photographs and fictional artworks. It also extends to characters who appear to be underage regardless of their supposed age. Moreover, this rule also applies to all stories and roleplays involving underage characters.

Breaking this rule will result in an instant ban from our community. In case of fictional characters, uploader might end up just being suspended or warned if the conent wasn't such an obvious violation due to it's questionable or unclear nature. In case of real life pictures, aside from permanent banning we will also report this incident to Discord Trust & Safety team.

Any form of impersonation and lying about your identity is prohibited

Lying to other users about your age, gender, location or any other aspect of your identity is strictly prohibited. While roleplaying, you should make sure that your partner is aware of your ongoing roleplay. Using roles that doesn't apply to you in real life is also considered as impersonation, regardless of reasoning behind it. Remember that if you're concerned about your own privacy, you can simply refuse to anwser any questions from other people.

Depending on situation, you can get either suspended or just warned in case of the minor incidents. However, in case of lying to have a specific effect on someone else (like catfishing) you will be instantly and permanently banned from our community. In extreme cases we will also report your misbehaviour directly to Discord Trust & Safety team.

You're obligated to identify yourself on request from staff members

Our staff members can request you to verify your age, gender and country at any point in time without providing any reason behind it. If you've ever uploaded any selfie, tease or nude picture on our server, staff members can request a timestamp picture of yourself as well. Staff members are NOT allowed to ever request more specific data, like your residence address, unique personal number, phone number, your surname, names of your parents, name of your school etc. Moreover, staff members will never ask you for any login credentials nor will they ever ask you to login on any websites outside of domain.

Refusing to identify yourself will result in either kick or ban from our community. However, you can still return to our community if you agree to verify yourself, unless you were banned for suspected catfishing or impersonation.

You can't expose nor share any private information and intellectual property

Whether it's happening in public or in private messages, exposing someones personal information or intellectual property is both forbidden and illegal without their previous consent. This rule applies, but is not limited to any personal information like name, residence address, gender, age, occupation and any other sensitive information, unless any of those information were previously publicly stated by the person in question. Moreover, it's not allowed to share any intellectual property like stories, artworks or photos without clear consent of the original author. It's also prohibited to share any kind of selfies, tease or nude pictures of our members without their clear consent. This rule applies to any content posted by our members, whether it happened on our server or not.

Breaking this rule will result in either long-term suspension in the case of very slight damage, or instant ban from our community without a right of appeal. Moreover, we will report this incident in detail to Discord Trust & Safety team. In the event of the involvement of services such as the police, we will actively support them and provide all information that might help in apprehending the perpetrator.

You can't send private messages to our members without their previous consent

In terms of direct messages (DM's), you are only allowed to contact people with roles indicating that they're interested in chatting. If roles indicate that given person is open for talk but uninterested in any sexual activities, you are free to chat this person as long as you stay on suitable topics. If someone is using "Ask first" role, you should use special channel called "Get DM allowance" under "Request" section in order to get your allowance. You should never ask for allowance from people whos roles clearly indicate that they're not interested. Note that you're always allowed to message people posting in "Looking For" channels, as long as you meet all requirements specified by them, regardless of their roles. Keep it in mind, that staff members can always message you regardless of your roles and consent, but only in non-personal matters.

Messaging people without their previous consent will result in warning or suspension, depending on situation and content of the messages. Recurring complaints will result in long-term suspension or ban. Any form of harassment will result in an instant ban without appeal.

You can't hide or ignore people violating our rules

Whenever you're aware of someone violating our server rules you're obligated to report this information to our staff members. Moreover, hiding information about rules violations intentionally is punished as much as the offense itself.

Depending on situation, breaking this rule can result in simple warning for minor offenses or go as high as permanent ban without appeal for hiding people with the toughest offenses like catfishing, doxxing, thieft of intellectual property or exposing private information of other members.

You can't post any sexual or NSFW content outside of NSFW channels

Despite the fact that our server focuses on erotic themes, we do not allow posting NSFW and pornographic content everywhere. You can post pornographic content only inside channels marked as NSFW. NSFW channels are the ones that have small warning icon in top right corner of their # (hash) icon.

In most cases, breaking this rule will result in just a simple warning first and then short-term suspension each time this rule is broken. However, posting NSFW content in non-NSFW channels on purpose will result in either long-term suspension or ban, depending on situation.

You can't share any violent, disgusting and gore content

Uploading any kind of violet, gore or anyhow disgusting content like scat or watersports is strictly prohibited even within channels marked as NSFW. This rule also applies to links leading to such contents. If you want to share such content with someone else you can do so via private messages, provided that they have agreed to it beforehand.

Sharing any kind of content mentioned in this rule will result in an instant ban from our community.

Your nickname should consist of letters only

As part of our community standards, we require our members to use nicknames that consist only of letters. We don't allow for any kind of special characters, emojis and decorations. If you want, you can contain your roleplaying characters name inside brackets at the end of your nickname (ie. Lucky (Jessie Brown)). Alternatively, if you don't want to use your roleplaying character names, you can give yourself a title (ie. Lucky, the Brave). Moreover, your nickname can't be relative to other members (ie. Lucky's Mom) as it creates confusion among other members and makes it harder to recognize participants.

Most people breaking this rule will be detected by our dedicated bots that will either revert nicknames back to previous (valid) versions or delete messages coming from people with incorrect nicknames. If our bot fails to detect incorrect nickname, we we will personally change your nickname or contact you asking to do so. Attempts to deliberately bypass our nickname validation process will result in suspension.

You must follow channel-specific rules and stay on topic

Each one of our channels has a dedicated section called channel topic or description, that contains a brief description of the channel and rules specific to this channel. Whenever you use any of our channels, you should first read the rules of this channel. Moreover, you should always stay on the subject of the channel and move conversation to more suitable channels if there are any.

Punishment for this violation will depend on both channel and exact rule that was broken. Depending on situation, breaking this rule can lead to being either warned or suspended. However, if channel purpose is broken again, despite being punished before, staff team can resort to timed or permanent ban from our community.

You don't have any authority over other members

Unless you're official member of our staff team, you have no authority over other members of our community regardless of your roles or activity. If you see someone breaking the rules you should report it instead of trying to enforce our rules by yourself. This includes making any kind of requests towards other members that might be taken as a threat.

The first time it will end with a warning but each subsequent violation of this rule will result in either short-term or long-term suspension and will result in adding you to the staff blacklist, making you being unable to ever apply to staff team. Notwithstanding the above, if you request other people to verify themselves you will be either instantly banned from our community or in best case scenario you will be punished with a long-term suspension.

You can't threaten, insult nor deliberately annoy others

As in every civilized community, you are free to dislike some people for whatever reason you like. However, you are not allowed to directly insult other people nor threaten them in any shape or form, nor deliberately say things in order to annoy or upset them, even if the message itself doesn't look meanly at first glance. It doesn't matter who started the argument and therefore you're not allowed to respond to insults with another insults either. If you're being attacked by other members, just report this situation to our staff members don't let yourself to be provoked.

Depending on the situation and the intensity of the quarrel you can get warned, suspended or even banned from our community. In case of real life threats, we will instantly ban you from our community and report this accident to Discord Trust & Safety team.

You should avoid all kinds of dramas and conflicts

It's just matter of time before you run into some drama or other kind of conflict or dispute between our members. If come across such situation you should stay away from the conflict and just inform our staff members about it. Under no circumstances try to resolve conflicts by yourself as in most cases it will only make it worse. If the argument touches on a topic that is sensitive, do not join the discussion neither. Always drop the conversation if staff members are requesting it. Moreover, do not try to help staff members to resolve the situation as it only might reignite the conflict.

Any individuals involved in drama or conflicts will be punished equally, with exception for people displaying particularly reprehensible behavior, regardless of who was the original perpetrator. A penalty for breaking this rule may range from simple warning all the way up to being permanently banned from our server, depending on the scale of the conflict itself.

Your profile picture can not contain any form of nudity

This rule is implied by Discord Terms Of Service and therefore all servers are obligated to follow this rule regardless of the main theme or target audience. Any kind of NSFW content like nudity or gore content in profile pictures is strictly forbidden without any exceptions.

In most cases you will be asked to change your profile picture and kicked if you refuse to comply. However, we might ban your account from our server and report it directly to Discord Trust & Safety team in case of extreme violations.

Your discord status can't break any of our rules nor contain NSFW content

While discord status is something that you can't control on per-server basis, you are still obligated to make sure that your status doesn't break any of the rules on our server. Moreover, just like profile pictures, Discord Terms of Use prohibits usage of any NSFW content within your status, therefore it's against our server rules as well. This affects both text content and emoji status used.

Punishment for breaking this rule will depend on which other rule of our community has been broken and will mimic punishment of that rule in full extend. Using NSFW content within your status however, will result in warning followed by kick and ban in case of refusal to change it.

You can't exploit any donator features for any reason

As you become one of our donators we not only grant you access to new features but we also entrust you not to exploit any of those features by using them in a way that was clearly not intended or is harmful for other members of our community.

While in most cases warning should be the only punishment for breaking this rule, your punishment can go as high as getting banned from our community if you keep exploiting your donation perks despite being warned. Exact punishment will be decided on a case-by-case basis.